Ballring 2012

I’ve been lucky enough to shoot many different sort of events and subject matter. Every now and then the opportunity presents it self to do something a little different. Last weekend I was given that opportunity in the form of Ballring 2012 a annual circus convention hosted by Purple Mermaid Society at Birmingham university and is open to the public.

I got involved with this as I have recently joined the society my self so of course when I arrived at the event I had to take my camera. I had every intension of taking part and enjoying the event but “poi” my circus discipline I practice is my hobby and photography is my passion so you can guess witch one took over I didn’t put my camera down the entire day long.

The reason I say its a little different is because subject matter unlike normal events where you focus on people and shows this was more like showing activities that are fast action. To me it felt like a cross between shooting sport and event photography. I was presented with a number of challenges.

The main thing I needed to do was keep the shutter speed up to capture the fast action. Easy enough but for the lighting was interesting to say the least we was inside with unbelievably strong light coming in through the windows but casting strong shadows inside where there was very poor light the contrast range was black and white bad. I’m used to poor light but to keep my shutter fast enough I had to push even what Nikon can handle with high ISO performance. I’d had like to have used flash witch would of froze the action but doing that I know I’d have distracted all the performers and I wanted appear small and be un-intrusive so I could get more candid shots. I was aiming to try and be unnoticed wile doing this however I observed another photographer doing the opposite to me he was approaching subjects and taking with them before taking there photos I’d love to know who he was so I could see his results I often wonder if I should you that approach more but I believe there needs to be a balance between that method and my proffered ninjiesk approach though I did get a interesting photo of him taking a photo of some one taking a photo I love meta things like that.

The day ended with a stage show open stage as a warm up called Renegade and then a professional show dubbed the Pro-Show. This was business as usual for me as I’ve shot so many stage shows. I used my normal combination of Nikons high ISO and the SB-900 set to AF assist only as it can auto focus in a hart beat in almost no light. I did run in to a problem I’ve never had before. I didn’t have my lens hood on me its been coming really louse on my main work horse lenses but didn’t think it would make much difference how wrung was I I’ve never has so much lens flare before ruined a good number of frames lesson learned use a lens hood they do work.

I’m not sure who I’m about to quote but I herd another photographer talk about this and its so true wanted to repeated just wish I could remember where I herd it. A camera is like a Key it gets you into places you can’t normally go at this event I had just that I ended up with possibly the best seat in the house. Thank you very much purple Mermaid for that not that I could really watch the show properly witch in a way is my point. Your camera is your key in but you then have a big responsibility to deliver your viewers and the people you working for expect results. Any one can go to the show but its up to you to show people what they can’t normally see be it shots from the front row in more detail then they can see or be it back stage make the most of it. When in that position remember how lucky you are and don’t was it use it to its fullest potential and get the shots because remember if you that key and you don’t deliver you’ll soon fine the locks changed.

As always my sets are up on my flickr for all to enjoy..

Ballring 2012 General

Ballring 2012 Renegade and Pro-Show

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366 2012

Random looking numbers for a title only there not so random. I’ve started a project to take one photo every day for a year and as this is a leap year 366. I have thought about doing this before but the reason I’m doing it now was a friend of mine started a similar project to document her life with a photo a day for a year. It was the start of the year and put simply I felt inspired I’m not even sure I’ll managed to keep it going the full year long but I’m certainly going to try.

I’m trying to push my self with this project I’ve no restrictions on what I take photos of or why my only aim is to have at the end of each day one more interesting photo. I’m hoping to improve my skills and creativity. I’ve already got several photos I wouldn’t of gotten with out doing this. One example is taking a different rout home after the day job to look for something and finding a amazing reflection in a fountain I was thinking might give me a good shot, when I got there I found it was turned off but the reflection I saw was great I’m stunned with the result especially as I only had my iPhone 4s proving again to be a useful tool a good number of the photos in this set have been taken with it its no replacement for a DSLR but very useful to have in the pocket.

Another example was I did some water droplet photos something I’ve known how to do but never bothered with as I had no reason to witch is the great thing about the project I’m always looking for the next shot and its a excuse to use lots of techniques and just playing what better way to improve ones skill I really want to get to the point where I’m just always seeing things and taking the shot to often we walk on by and let the shot pass us by. The only real down side I’ve found to this project is once I’ve gotten a shot for that day I feel reluctant to take more because I know tomorrow I’ll be again struggling to find a shot witch defeats the point of this oh well hopefully I’ll see this to the end.

Flickr set as always will be now be updated fairly regally now I’ve reached the end of the first mouth Enjoy…

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Fire Spinning

For the people who know me and even any one who has actually been reading my blog you’ll have properly realized by now I’m not one to let the grass grow. I like to keep busy and active with a range of diverse and often slight unusual hobbies This post is about one of them.

I’ve recently Joined “Purple Mermaid Circus Society” at my local university as I’ve been interested in Poi for a few years so it seemed a good idea to find some where to practice so I joined up. This presents me with a unique opportunity photographically. The Society is full of talented individuals who practice all kinds of circus goodness.

Last night we had a “Fire” practice session something we very rarely do so I jumped at the chance to photograph Fire Poi, Staff, Juggling and anything else we could safly burn and play with to put on a show

Shooting fire spinning has its own unique set of problems. Your shooting in darkness to see the fire but the fire it self is super bright. Then you need to us long exposure to see the trails the fire makes but then the person performing is blurred assuming they have been picked up by the sensor this is a problem so how do you shoot it.

On my limited opportunities to try this I’ve found a good working formulaSet the camera on a tripod attach a SB 900 flash or similar and set it to AF only as your camera can’t focus in that light. Set your iso to something low I use the native 200 on my D300s I then attach a cable release to remove any vibration. Then set the camera to fully manual have the shutter speed set to BULB and have the F/stop some where between f/6 and f/13 depending on the shot then just guess the time of the exposure with the cable release normally something like 2-5 seconds works best

Hope that helped if your interesting in trying it your self you can use my trail and error as your start point! I’ve also go a few ideas for combining this method with a rear curtain sink flash to freeze and illuminate the performer I’ll have to let you know how that goes as and when I get a chance to try it.

Full Set Enjoy…

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iPhone 4s the Best Camera?

If you can’t guess from the title I’ve recently gotten my self a iPhone 4s and to my friends this seems crazy as I’ve always been very anti apple products but then this came along and did everything I was looking for. I am not disappointed either.

So why did I want one you may ask I’m assuming if your reading this you might care, I wanted a smart phone with apps to help add me with my photography like depth of filed calculators and such. then the iPhone 4s came out and the camera on it was better then some compact cameras. 8mm lens with a maxim aperture of 2.4 I was impressed and the image quality is for such a tiny sensor outstanding.

Now the next question you might ask is if your a Nikon fan boy like I am with a good DSLR system why would you need a good camera phone basically there are tons of times you want to have a good camera with you and not to have to drag your big one round with you it draws a lot of attention. a camera phone is very discreet especially as its totally silent.

this has lead me to take more photos of random things when I’m walking about I no longer have to think oh is that worth taking my big camera out for you can just snap the pic for the best photos I still would use my D300s but you know when you need to use that right! There is a phrase out there the best camera is the one with you this was made famous by Chase Jarvis I’m not saying it means laving your DSLR at home carry it round with you as much as possible but with a camera like this I’m not thinking I can’t get my camera out hear or anything like that

I’ve also found it helps me be more creative and fun with my photos I’m not confined by worrying about noise or picture quality I can just snap away and do the editing with in camera applications on the fly. I have to say its refreshing. I’ve found the best App is Instogram its a easy way to share your randomness with he world I post anything I deem interesting be it snap shots from my life or interesting photos I’ve seen and taken with it if you would like to follow me on there my user name is FoxyChan81 don’t expect anything serious tho

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Euro Cosplay 2011 Championships

Once again I’ve been lucky enough to be in the press area to shoot Euro Cosplay the final this year was held at MCM London Expo October 2011.I was completely taken astonished by the quality of the participants this time a real improvement on 2010 at the first championship and lets just say in that year I saw some of the best cosplays I’ve had the pleasure to photograph.

There may be people new to my blog so for any new readers that may not know cosplay is the art of making costumes it comes from the words costume and play. Euro Cosplay has been running for 2 years and is already the largest cosplay compaction in the world. This year we had 23 countries each allowed up to 2 quivering commotions of there own where any one can enter before competing in the final in London to find the best cosplay in Europe.

The Judges had there work cut out picking from the 34 finalists. I’m glad I wasn’t in there shoes. having seen every entry up close and photographed them all I think they made the absolute rights decision. I was even more proud when I found out England won with what I still to this day call my favourite cosplay I’ve ever seen. Neil who made it is also the most humble person I’ve ever met couldn’t of gone to a nicer person but that aside despite so many amazing cosplays he still out shone them. I’d also like to make a quick mansion of Spain’s entry Pocco I was blown away by her simple looking cosplay due to her motorized wings in all my years on the seen I’ve not seen anything quite like them I was very impressed and as such wanted to make a not of it.

1st Place: and European Champion: Neil from England as Skeksil Chamberlin from Dark Crystal

2nd Place: Ronald from the Netherlands as Brother Petros from Trinity Blood

3rd Place: Estela from Spain as Pocco from Shunya Yamashita’s Sweet Dreams

Shooting this Masquerade was possibly the most difficult in regards to lighting conditions I’ve ever face one moment the lights were bight and good for photos the next almost black to show of things like lights in the costumes. They kept changing all the time even had moments where there was nothing but blue or red light rendering any image useless. A friend of mine rendered this images in black and white something I wish I’d thought still could but I’ll save that trick for next time. The problem with the changing light was I had to change my ISO all the time and missed a lot of moments so faced with the same conditions again I’ll use auto ISO I don’t like doing that but needs must. Luckily I shot RAW and I was using a good low light lens the Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 I hired from Lens for Hire at a very reasonable price. I do plan on buying said glass but I digress. Very tricky conditions but I think I was able to get full coverage of every entry witch is always my aim and I know the other photographers got the moments I missed. Latterly I’ve not felt nearly as commutative as I used to be I’m starting to feel in the UK convention scene the cosplay photographers should be working together more I’m sure between us we captured everything.

For the Full set of photos of every entry please follow this link Euro Cosplay 2011 and as always enjoy…

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Ayacon 2011

Continuing my sires of late posts about things that happened over the summer brings us onto Ayacon 2011. A quick word about Ayacon this is one of the UK’s largest and long running anime conventions currently held at the Warwick Arts Centre witch is actually in Coventry. The convention is a blend of Japanese culture anime and cosplay mixed together by UK fans. Just as attending is so much fun.

I went as Press to this event, Trying to cover all the events at a convention this size is a lot of work but worth it because as a bones you are normally in the best seats in the house to do your work. Admittedly you can’t fully enjoy the shows as your thinking about f stops and available light and all that jazz but if your not enjoying it how are you meant to get that across to the people latter viewing your images and press work.

I’ve left this a little late to really go into much detail so I’ll just talk about 3 events at Ayacon and give you some links at the end

Unicorn Table Live Event

I’ll be honest hear I’m not a gig photographer in fact I’ve only ever shot 2 gigs. The first was Momo-i Live at Ayacon 2009 I had no idea what the hell I was doing with this one. So I learned as I went made some stupid mistakes like use flash… Can’t believe I wasn’t asked to leave for that one. by the end of the night I was pushing my ISO higher and going for available light got my best shot at that gig during the encore after the real press had left. That was before I was officially working for the convention as press. This time I took everything I learned at the time and added it to with a lot of expanse and theory I’d looked into and guess what? yes I still made mistakes but I had progressed in leaps and bounds the biggest problem I found was I was centre stage at the front because unfortunately the manager wasn’t letting press into the pit but I still got to jump the que going in. I should of been either 3 foot to my left or right. I think I still got some fantastic shots all the same. I was getting my best results with a 50mm lens wide open at f/1.4 as I was able to lower the iso a little and still hold onto a high shutter speed to freeze the action and the 1.4 also gave me a very nice shallow depth of field

Ayacon 2011 Masquerade

The masquerade always my specialty I’m sure a lot of the photographers shoot it because its expected of them and not because they want to. That’s not true of every one there but I get that feeling from some for me I see it as my chance to shine love the challenge of trying to get a good shot of ever entry. You get one chance with each of them and you have to get it right under the difficult lighting conditions you always encounter with the gear you have available its a real thrill. I as always worked out where I thought the best photographers were set up and took the opposite side of the stage. I’m sure I’ve said this before but as competitive as I am if I can’t get the shot I want them to I mean were there for them right? Its also nice knowing you have a different angle to the people you consider as your Rival’s I say that with love, there’s no point trying to be the best if the computation aren’t as good as you or better. I shot this the same as I always shoot masquerades its getting fairly fine turned now so won’t repeat my self there. No I tell a lie I did one thing differently I used my SB-900 as a infer red auto focus system with the flash unit set to no fire. I was able to focus much more accurately and faster wile reaming discreet. The main difference with this was its length was the largest one I’ve ever shot this was in part due to it also being a qualifier for the Euro Masquerade. Holding up my heavy camera for that length of time especially with the added SB-900 on was difficult might consider a mono pod for next time. one tip for you extra cards and batteries I burned thought 3 16GB CF cards and 2 Batteries. It was quite a show loved every minuet of it and when I latter found out one of my personal favourite cosplays had won it really pleased me, absolutely deserved. Some of the best talent I’ve seen so far across the borad.

Cosplay Chess

I have to post something about this event because of how great a idea it is. this isn’t a new idea its been brought up over and over again at least as long as I’ve been going to anime cons since about 2005 but this to my knowledge is the first time its run successfully in the UK and I was lucky enough to be asked my friend Yuka to help cover this. The cosplays were amazing and the show was so funny I think the set of photos I got is well worth taking a look at as a piece of history there’s nothing to special for me to post about how I took them it was all basic stuff but the thing about these events is theirs always something special happening so if some of the things I’ve posted about are interesting consider attending a convention in the near future you won’t regret it. There are some other great sets on my flickr like The Sunday Night Live Event from Ayacon 2011 I highly recommend you take the time to go take a look

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Tokonatsu 2011

I know I’ve not posted anything on hear for mouths but I’ve never been one for keeping blogs updated so instead of spending ages apologising about that I’m just going to make a sires of posts about what I’ve been up to over the summer that’s kept me so busy and no posting lol.

I can’t not talk about Tokonatsu. As normal this is another anime convention only its not technically a convention its really a festival. I for the last couple years have been extraordinary lucky to be a part of this event sitting on the committee as Cosplay Coordinator. Tokonatsu it self is euros only if not the worlds only anime camping festival catering for most ages a unique and fun event.

My role is to organise all cosplay events. I run to big events the masquerade (pretty self explanatory there) and Ready Steady Cosplay witch is a fun computation where teams compete to make a cosplay to a mystery theme in a hour. Now your properly asking what the hell any of this has to do with photography as this is a photography blog. The answer is simple as part of my job looking after events and cosplayers I have the responsibility of recording this, cosplayers lover photos. I didn’t just cover my own events I tried to cover the entire event over the 3 days.

I struggled to get as many photos as I normally would from a event as I was busy running and organising things but I was able to get most of the shots needed. The masquerade I was sick of poor shots so I built a stage back drop for this years entries now I found the area was to small so I’ll have to make it larger I used 2 light stands holding up a camouflage net to reflect the ascetic of a camping festival.

I was also charged with getting a group photo of the entire attendees of the convention at the opening ceremony. something I did the premises time. This is turning into a tradition for the event last time I only had a supper zoom with me not the best optics even so I got a ok shot. The problem was even at 18mm witch is very wide in the space available on location to get the photo I was standing on top of reeds over a lake this could of been very bad but it paid off. So this year I hired a wide angle lens the sigma 10-20mm I loved this piece of glass its on my to buy list. I did find one problem in post presses shooting 250 people at 10mm is to wide there all nicely spread out but there so small in frame there’s just not as much detail as I’d like I think next time I’ll use the same lens but shoot it round the 14mm mark hopefully that will give me enough space to not be in the lake. I highly recommend hiring lenses for important jobs its cheaper then buying glass for a one off use and it gives you a good chance to try something before buying. I used this lenses as much as I could thought out the hire period even got a nice star trail photo but I will post about that in a few weeks or at least I intend to.

There are a lot of water based events at Tokonatsu lots of people running round with water guns being silly great chance to get interesting photos but water and digital cameras not a good combination. ordinarily you would have to add water proofing to your gear. I didn’t have to worry to much tho I should of taken more precautions just in case. My Nikon D300s is weather sealed so a little splash won’t course any problem witch is one more reason why I’d advocate a pro body camera over a advance amateur body they may currently have higher mega pixels and better noise performance on cameras like the Nikon D7000. The thing is the pro body’s have things like weather sealing more buttons on the body to speed up setting changes and higher build quality.

One piece of advise I learned the hard way test your gear extensively before taking it into the field. test it extensively. I got my self a new Compact Flash card and I was taking a chance with a unknown brand. I regret this as the card never worked from the word go. It was a Duracell 600x 32GB compact flash card and it failed spectacularly so badly so it was letting me take photos but the data was not being transferred to the card so I lost a section of the event if this had been say a wedding I could find my self in a position where I wouldn’t be getting paid. I recommend dual slots one as a back up for important events properly have the second as jpeg, that and test your gear. The worst thing about it is following this I tried to contact the manufacture about a faulty product despite having a 10 year guarantee they refused to respond to me. Then I go to the company I brought it off they also do not respond to my emails so I’m left with a expensive card that dues not work. I highly recommend you stay clear of Duracel cards. I do have a 8GB card from there works fantastic but if something goes wrung they will ignore you in my experience I do not recommend.

There were 2 big problems I had with this event limited access to electricity so I had to make sure I had enough batteries for 5 days use as well as cards in case I could not back up to my laptop. The second was light camping it gets very dark so your operating in almost pitch black at times. I found thought a combination of a 50mm 1.4 lens high iso and a SB-900 I was able to keep working. Just a note on the SB 900 I did find that its power output was high enough to light a entire field not bad for a small flash unit. I’d like to invest in strobes with power packs for future events of its kind providing I can transport them. Talking of light I did also try something for the very first time and this was light painting I got 9 people all with LEDs to spell out the letters of Tokonatsu I did hand hold this on bulb mode I should of used my tripod but it came out ok defiantly something to do more of at night

Some links to the Tokonatsu sets on my flickr






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Why the Duck Tape

There is one question I get asked more then any over at events. Why the Duck Tape? And I’m not talking about why I always have a roll in my camera bag that should be obvious the stuff is unbelievably useful in any given situation. No this is about why I have covered up the Brand and Model Number of my camera with Duck Tape.

There is a very good reason for this its also the same as to why I replaced the strap to one not showing my brand. At first glace people think this is odd at best but I don’t think they are thinking it through. Every one who knows me knows a huge Nikon fan boy and can’t understand why I try and hide it. Now let me tell you that is precisely why I hide it I love my Nikon D300s, and I want to keep it. The last thing I want is to draw any more attention to my self then I have to. You will see in the photo to the left and you will see the make and model covered up and the strap replaced with a plain on. On top of that you’ll notice I’ve removed the battery grip and there’s no speedlight mounted. The thing is at events you want a big camera so you attach all the things to it to make sure you can get THE shot or make it easer to use. This makes you very visible and can also make it much easier to get into places you normally can’t I’ve got to the press pit and the front row of gigs based on this.

The problem comes when your out and about you want to be as invisible as possible because there are people out there who might get angry having there photo taken with something like street photography. Worse still you might have some one try and mug you because they see something expensive this is never more true then when your attempting urban discovery and your in run down areas. When in theses situations I do a couple things.

First what I do with Street Photography, I don’t try to be “TO” invisible I’ll either use my old D40 or my main camera the branding is covered battery grip stays on normally but I remove or turn the lens hood the other way round as well as choosing one of my smaller lenses to be less imposing. I then walk round openly taking photos but with a smile on my face and I don’t stay round in any one place to long last thing I want to do is ruin any ones day.

Secondly comes Urban Discovery, I use that name I’ve recently discoed as well I think it sounds good much better then wondering round urban areas looking for interesting scenery. I recent hard the name and it was described as going into run down areas looking for places where nature has tried to take back over so it fits as I do that some times. The problem is theses are always run down areas where there is a lot of crime so the last thing you want to do is attract attention to your self especially as often your on your own in places far away from other people. Pretty dangerous right! in these situations I take as minimal kit as I can dress down again hide my branding. I also don’t have my camera out it stays in a non discreet bag until I find a shot witch I take as discreetly as possible that is with out looking like I’ve something to hide that would also draw attention to my self partly its about looking relaxed and confident with out being imposing difficult I know.

So this is why I have duck tape on my camera there no point taking it out just to show off my brand. I think its also a very good idea to do when your doing travel photography or well shooting anywhere your unsure of just good practice I think.

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YorkiCon AKA Final Fantasy XIII Shoot

Not to long ago I had the privilege to take part in a Final Fantasy XIII photo shoot with all members of the cast hand picked and a team of fellow photographers. Sounds like the prefect shoot well as is often the case with cosplay shoots things went a little wrung wile I was sat on the train heading up I learn about half of our cast have had to drop out. Want to stress this point before I carry on they all had very good and completely understandable reasons. So it was a case of make the most of a less then perfect situation.

The original line up though we only had 50% of that

So we get to the shoot on location in the Yorkshire dales witch was very difficult to reach once there we spent the first night being social ready for the main Saturday shoot with the plan of making the best of it. We soon joking around changed the name to YorkiCon it seemed to fit as we was in Yorkshire. This is where we hit more problems all our researched locations were on google maps we has no mobile signal on any net work… so we improvise witch involved driving round in convoy using walky-talkies to communicate and see what we could fine so there’s a lesson in scouting locations “Do it in Person Before” so luckily we did find some good locations.

Photo taken by Lauren Hunter

We worked well as a team of cosplay models and photographers.

Over the two days shooting we encounters many problems was a real adventure the biggest problem photographically was the lighting. the light was nice very warm but incredibly harsh for the most part and with having to be mobile we couldn’t do any very big lighting set ups each of the photographers there each talked it slightly differently personally I used 2 techniques first was several bracketed HDR shots. and the second witch was really my main method was fill flash. Ordinarily in a big environment and with large groups one speed light isn’t normally enough but I’ve recently gotten hold of a Nikon SB-900 Speed light a wonderful bundle of technology. I found it easy had the power to deal with the situation at hand and it intelligently worked with my D300s I set the flash to even spread for 90% of my shooting over the two days. I found it worked better then I had hoped a must for Nikon shooters even at its not so cheap cost.

Emi cosplaying as Hope shot as a composite comprising of a fill flash photo using a SB-900 mounted on the camera set to TTL even Spread in High Speed Sync at a speed of 320. Emi is leaping from a climbing frame with in post I replaces with a panoramic shot I had taken a few moments before standing behind the object before merging it all in post production (my personal favourite shot from this shoot)

Full set of Images

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London MCM Expo May

For any one who dues not know Expo is well best is to go to there site to find out MCM Expo after that come back hear and read the rest of my post!

This particular Expo I went to help DDR UK out on there stand witch was fantastic fun. In the past I’ve helped them out and ended up wondering off to do photo shoots because as threes often little for “me” to do during the show out side of set up and take down but I have felt guilty about that so… this time I didn’t leave the stand at all apart from during the Euro Cosplay Qualifiers with I arranged before the show I’ll come back to that.

Now DDR UK is a fantastic group of people for them during the show I was tasked with recording the event and getting promotional photos for them. This sounds straight forward right well not so much the thing with a stand at expo is there are a unbelievable amount of people all crowded round the stand doesn’t give you much opportunity for photos. I got several shots I’m happy with  just shooting for a stand like this is a lot harder then you’d think my personal favourite shot from the stand took me 44 hours to get because when I saw the angle some one stepped in front of me blocking the shot and the last thing you do on a games stand is ask people to move when they are having fun so I waited patiently keeping my eye on the spot to see if I could get the shot and eventually I did patinas pays off.

Euro cosplay is currently the largest cosplay competition in the world.. Yes that’s right Euro cosplay is bigger then world cosplay with more countries taking part the final is held at Octobers London Expo each year but before that there are 2 qualifiers each yeah in each respective country taking part. For the UK there is one at may expo witch I just shot and another in August at Ayacon witch I am also attending

it was a absolute privilege shooting this event from the press pit I saw some of a couple of the best cosplays I’ve seen so far one in particular blow me away and that was Xaerael as the Skeksil Chamberlain from Dark Crystal. who incidentally won the qualifier. For a wile now I’ve been trying to work out what makes a great cosplay and I’ve worked it out for me its the ones that jump out at you when your shooting they just inhabit the frame you can have 2 cosplayers on the same cat walk with the same lighting and both are great but one will just jump out at you and look that much more amazing on the back of your camera’s LCD. I’ve also noticed its the very same ones that jump out at me this way often win something not always first place but something so for all the rumours I’ve hard about judges I don’t believe them for a second time and time again they prove to pick the very best or what I believe is the best. There was one other cosplay I wanted to make not of and that was Emma as Chise from She, The Ultimate Weapon. Almost as good as the winner she won best expert costume and I thought her cosplay was outstanding but I have to say on a personal note I got a little emotional seeing that particular character brought to life I always loved that anime it made me cry when I first saw it.

Full Set

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