My Problems with Cosplay Photography

Warning this isĀ  going to be very ranty in places.

Cosplay has long been my favorite thing to shoot as a photographer. Shooting cosplay was how I got back into photography, so as you can well imagine this subject is close to my hart. To go one step fervor I my self am a cosplayer. Having been involved in this from both sides of the camera for many years I’ve come to some conclusions.

I think the biggest problem I have with it most of the photos you see, even of the best cosplayers out there are dull and boring. I have fallen into this trap my self, I’ve been really unhappy with my work because of it. That last statement begs the question why are they boring. I’ll talk about this from stand point of just looking at my self and my own work. That said I see this in so many other peoples work. It’s not hard to get a good exposure and make some one look “nice” Any one can learn the settings. The cosplayers them self’s often delighted they have a photo that shows off all there hard work and makes then look good. To me that’s not enough anymore because the image it self is boring. You look at it and go oh its x character from x show.

I want the image to be interesting tell a story. We want our images to be memorable and to do that they have to give us more information then some one posing in front of a camera. It’s great to try and shoot as many people at a event say as possible. I’m going to keep doing that. I will always happily take photos of any one who wants them at events after all they put all that work in. What I propose is to try and take more time with each person/group and try and make a photo instead of just taking one.

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