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This is a post I’ve been putting off writing as I wasn’t sure what to say, I’ve decided to keep it short. Well sort for me.

I’ve been hesitant about advertising my self as a wedding photographer for a long time it wasn’t confidence or lack of skill. I have dun more shoots and more large scale event photography then I could list but I had not dun a wedding until a few weeks ago. Weddings should be one of the most special days of a couples lives and the photos to remember it by are a big part so I wanted to make absolutely sure I was the right man for the job before I did.

Little about the first wedding I did officially as a photographer. It was a lovely day for the bride and groom. I was there as a second shooter so a lot less stress on me but I still made sure I covered all events from getting ready to the ceremony to the reception. Lets just say it was a long day 18 hours from my door to door let me tell you I was tired. A lot of it is waiting and being ready its not really about machine gunning ever moment you’ll miss the “moment” if you do that but you can’t stop either. Any one interested in this sort of work I’ll warn you its hard work and very very long hours both on the day and in post production you will find it stressful but if your used to events and really know your camera and how to get shots on the move then you will be fine

Now for the shameless self promotion!

If your reading this and your looking for a photographer for your wedding (told you shameless self promotion) what would you get if you hired me. In short you’ll get me for as much of the event as you want me covering. I’ll be a fly on the wall you won’t notice I’m there apart from the formal photos I’ll get as quickly as I can so you can go back to enjoying your big day. So basically contact me for a in depth discussion on what your needs are and if you think I’m right for the job

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