Kitacon IV

I’ve been to all 4 kitacons that have run so far I may not have ever spoken highly of this convention credit where is due this was there best year yet in all aspects now I could criticize them in lots of small ways but that would be unfair. It would be unfair because they got the most important thing right they managed to make a large scale convention relatively drama free and every one seemed entertained well dun guys!

I attended the contention as press I tried to give the best coverage I could but was only able to attend Friday and Sunday so I missed some of the best parts of kitacon but this couldn’t be helped. I had my first wedding to shoot that day well worth missing a day of a convention for and I know there was some amazing photographers there like Nert to make up for my absence. The Wedding when amazingly well but that will come in a serpent blog post.


it might of been business as usual as far as convention photography go but you should never treat it as such or your photos will show it I jumped right into it and tried to make the most of my limited time at the convention and spent the day hunting cosplayers. As much as I was trying I seemed to take a lot less photos then normal but the ones I did take seemed better quality and had a better ratio of keepers. I believe I learned a valuable lesson from the last few events I went to about thinking more about what I am shooting and making sure I have a good subject. I got back little before midnight leaving me just enough time to empty my cards and put batteries on charge.


After a really long day Saturday at the wedding I was in a bit of a sorry state when I arrived at the event quite early. Good job it took a little wile before the days proceedings really kicked off but I turned to the photographers best friend coffin maybe not healthy but you have to do what you need to get through a shoot.

I was determined to make up for the lost day so I didn’t stop shooting from 9am – 3am yes I took brakes but not many. First big task of the day came in the shape of Cosplay Chess a very funny show with some amazing costumes on display after working with the show all through rehearsals you get to find out what’s coming up and as much as I hate spoilers when your working knowing something coming up before hand you can make sure you have the right settings and are ready for it. This was no exception during the show one of the players was going to get hit in the face with a cream pie. This was garneted to look good especially if I could get the shot but even then you can’t be full prepared anything can happen like another photographer running past you filing on a steady cam *shakes fist at him* you know who you are but this was a blessing in disguise I had to crop the shot a lot tighter then I would of and it makes for a much more interesting photo so to the other guy who jumped in front of me Thank you. Just goes to show you never know what’s going to happen you always need to be ready.

After this event came more hunting of cosplayers before Kitas got talent there talent show there was a lot of really interesting acts to witch I got some good shots of the photographers had to fight for good positions this time round with the way it was run but once it started we settled in for the show. I found this time felt different then normal didn’t feel like us photographers were battling each other in fact it felt more like a team effort. I noticed when ever I’d move to capture one side of the stage Nert would move to the opposite site and when ever he moved I found my self matching him only mirrored didn’t feel like we was trying to beat each other just trying to make sure between us and the others there it was all covered this is a new thing that’s been developing over the last few events and I think I’m getting better results because of it it I hope this continues.

Following KGT all that was left was more hunting and the ball/party. I normally hate parties because its really crowed very low light so you can’t get good photos. Not this time however I found my self not worrying about noise even in post it was about picture quality not file quality and having learned my lesson about looking for a subject even in a crowed scene I came away with the best photos of a party to date I even found the noise adds character to the images. I have always been fanatical about making my images noise free one of the many reasons why I love Nikon. I’m glad I moved past this or I’d never have gotten these images.

So all in all Kitacon was a Huge successes pun intoned considering on of the guests was Ellen McLain who was one of the best guests I’ve met at a convention yet so nice and so talkative. What I’ve taken from this event because every time you go out shooting you learn something new is looking and waiting pays off as long as your ready and raciness when that shot is there and also not to worry about noise as much it can add character to some photos. As always the full sets are available on my flickr


Enjoy. . .

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