The Photographers

A little wile ago I had a idea to make a collection of images based round photographers. I mean we never get photos of our self’s when where working and lets face it as a subject matter a photographer using a camera makes for a interesting subject. I also think that if your using a camera your fair game! I know some of my photographer friends who hate having there picture taken and because I know this I will respect it but if I don’t know in advance then your fair game.

So I looked to see what images I already had and started hunting. I set my self some rules, well louse gridlines. They had to have a camera and to be using it in some way. I didn’t mind if it was a compact camera a DSLR or even a video camera nor did I care if it was Nikon, Canon, Sony or other did notice I found a lot more of my own brand but I think I was subconsciously drawn to it.

After just over a year the set is complete I couldn’t of hoped for a better collection. The question is now what? I’ll tell you volume 2 I plan to carry one and once I’ve accumulated enough I’ll start the second one I just get existed about this personal project.

What are your views on this I’d love to hear leave a comment

And one last thing a link to the flickr set Enjoy…

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