Minami Con 18

I am lucky enough to be my 3rd year at Minami con the longest running anime convention in Europe to my knowledge the only older ones are in Japan but I may be wrung.

As a photographer who has become reasonably well know in the community I took it as my duty to capture as much of the event as I could but if I’m honest this is just a excuse threes nothing better then shooting a con I’d be in attendance as a normal con goer even if I hadn’t got my camera.

This was a very relaxed and laid back con so there was very little pressure on me I did several shoots of cosplayers in and around the converting witch at this even was difficult as there are very few locations of interest to shoot at the only really good place is the Novertell pool but this year I didn’t get in there the opportunity didn’t present it self this time. The trickiest shoot was a “Air Gear” group where I had to try and shoot a fast moving subject on roller blades. I’ve never used the continues sovo mode on my auto focus but there was no way I could track the subject fast enough so I took a chance and it worked perfectly missed a few frames but I was shocked how well it worked.


I also part of the official studio photo shoots. I went along to this wasn’t sure if I was going to be needed but I ended up with a event organiser pass witch was nice.. no pressure there…   The studio was a simple set up there was 3 photographers well few others came and went but 3 of use shared triggers to the studio lighting. This proved fun we had to dance round each other and work as a team to let the strobes re charge between shots and with 3 of us, if we had been trigger happy or fought each other for shots we would of just got black. I’m really happy with my results in the studio despite them using a lighting set up I personally don’t like. we had 5 lights 2 on the white background flagged so they didn’t expose the subject 2 soft boxes one on each side to illuminate the subjects and a catch light with a grid on. your properly wondering why I don’t like that set up and its simple most of the time when I see this the back ground is totally blown out and its just distracting so I did my best to have the background solid white with out being totally blown out and I managed it JUST the histogram dues have a large spike and barely falls away at the edge but it worked out so all is well

The last part I’ll talk about on hear is the masquerade … I’ll be honest with you I hate the masquerades at Minami its not how its organised or the entries with are fantastic its the lighting I know there’s nothing they can do but gah… rage I always shoo masquerades with available light and high ISO something Nikon excels at but there was so little light I had to go to flash witch kept overheating so I had hash light and had to  give my speed light time to cool down between shots I know the safely feature on the SB-900 is a good thing but when your shooting its really gets on your nerves oh well.

All in al I’d say the convention was a huge success and I think the images speak for them self’s and I had a first I only had to batch possess the photos in camera raw I had absolutely no re touching work to do I don’t know if that’s testimony to my skill the subjects I was shooting or the new lens I was sporting the Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8 (a truly amazing piece of glass) but what ever it was I am exceedingly pleased

Full sets hear




Enjoy. . .

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