Fire On Campus

You’ve properly seen recently I’ve been experimenting with shooting fire performances. After a lot of trial and error I’ve got some results I’m proud of.

For the last 2 mouths however I’ve been trying to set up a shoot with to performers I approached who I know through Purple Mermaid Circus Society. All seemed well they both agreed the society agreed to let us use there equipment for my privet shoot then each and ever week since then something unavoidable has happened and even this week I didn’t get the “privet” shoot we had planed but instead there was a event they ran called Fire On Campus witch was a large fire spinning session and I was able to put all my experiments and theory into use and also got to shoot both of my models. I would still like to do this privet shoot but for now I’ll put it on hold as I’ve got some great shots and other projects are looming that I need to give my attention to.

Regarding my experiments a few weeks ago in preparation to shooting fire poi I did a test shoot with my cousin who is responsible for introducing me to poi damn him haha. The problem I had with shooting fire spinners is you need long exposures to capture the trails but you louse all detail in the subject so flash is needed! Not as simple as you might thing you need to make sure you use rear curtain sync. Several burns and many exposures I found a set up for my shoot more or less the same settings I used previously for fire only with a set of speed lights on a light stand off camera going into a shoot through umbrella flash was maxed out by the time of this shoot I ditched the umbel lost to much light and was blowing over to easily.

Come the Fire on Campus shoot I know what I was doing my set up was D300s on a tripod with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens and a SB 900 on a light stand. Flash was triggered by a inexpensive radio trigger and I controlled the shutter with a cable release to remove vibration. my in camera settings where f/13ish in Bulb mode so I could judge each shots duration depending on what the performer was doing each time and my flash was in rear sync at a 1/1 power level I used a few sets of rechargeable batteries that night.

The night was a lot of fun I even got to go out my self and do some fire spinning with my own brand new fire heads witch I unfortunately managed to hit my self in the face with almost destroying my glasses. As luck would have it I could fix them but hitting your self in the face with a heavy ball of fire is incredibly scary in that moment you know your alive I have even more respect for fire performers then ever and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Purple Mermaid for letting me take so many photos and look forward to more work with them in the future.

As always hear are the sets for all to enjoy in full on my flickr

Test Shoot

Fire On Campus


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