Saturday I was invited to see a friends band who I’ve seen before and are pretty damn good there CapitalVibe who are well worth checking out especially if your in the Birmingham area where they seem to mostly play, anyway they played at Route 44 and I was there to capture it.

I have to say Gig Photography isn’t my comfort zone I’ve only shot 3 gigs so far and that includes this one. Saying that it was a lot of fun and not to dissimilar to other events I have shot a lot of.

I packed all my camera gear in to non descript belt paunches and travelled without any lenses attached I was trying to keep a low profile thinking about it might of been better with a simple black shoulder bag but we live and learn anyway I was very mobile with my belt pouch system. I get to the gig and I’m greeted by my old friend “challenging lighting conditions” we go way back know I was going to be facing this I took 2 lens with me a 50mm f/1.4 witch is a phenomenal piece of glass but ended up not using it at all and instead just used the 24-70 f/2.8 I’ve not had this lens all that long but again it has stunted me with its performance I was able to shoot most of the night near enough wide open and at a low ISO and still came back with sharp images. How ever the camera hadn’t a clue I started on Aperture priority that lasted all of about 30 seconds before I switched to full manual mode I think for actual gig work that’s a must.

I didn’t run in to any real problems I think the trick this time was simply being able to get right up to the stage with the right gear

I processed these a little different then normal only in the fact instead of using Adobe Photoshop CS5 I used the new CS6 beta and let me tell you its confusing the new Camera Raw 7 has totally changed its sliders so where I would normally go straight to the Recovery slider I have to play with a couple others to fix my highlights a problem I always have with the high contrast scene I normal end up shooting but all in all I have to say this new version is so much better its slowed my work flow down but the results I’m getting are much better hopefully as I get more used to it my speed will return and talking of speed the new content aware tools are now lightening fast not that I used them for this edit but just saying.

As always hear is the full set… Enjoy

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