Telford Expo 2012

First anime event of the year and it went well. I was surprised at how busy it was I’ve been to properly all the Telford expos and I’ve never seen it this busy was nice to see it so full of energy even if it was difficult to walk round.

Spent most of the event helping out at the DDR;Uk stand great people if your into rhythm action games go check them out.

I was about to get a few shots or why would I be bloging about it on hear! So anyway got some walking around. I did get one shot I was a little pleased with saw a friend in cosplay so I asked for a shot, cosplayers are always happy to let you take there photos at events so don’t be shy and ask them but be polite. You see a lot of people taking photos of them little tip for you any one can take a photo of a cosplayer in the middle of a expo flour surrounded by people and lets face it normally this looks naff. My little tip for you is LOOK! . . . look at your surroundings you can almost always find a clear spot with in a few paces of where you find your subject if your polite they will almost always move for you but they are busy so you need to be quick. This time I saw a blank blue wall bit rubbish but 100 times better then a corridor filled with people. The light in this case wasn’t great so out comes the flash but oh wait… harsh shadows I tried something different instead of fighting with the shadow I used the speed light as the primary light sauce just off the camera and moved it round will the shadow itself became a element of the photo some times it better to incorporate a element rather then fight it and you can get results like this from what was essentially a snap shot just by moving the speed light around.

As with all these events I also got to shoot the masquerade. I went up to the shoot this quite relaxed thinking I’ve shot so many of theses its busy as usually and it was but I wasn’t quite happy with my results coming away after. I did get a shoot shot of every entry witch is always my aim at theses I worked hard but just wasn’t that happy and I think I let complacency take me I had the wrung mind set going in. Even when it is business as usable go into the shoot with a fresh eye be existed or you may come away with images that might be quite good but still be unhappy with. Every one who has seen them have been please so I got away with not being quite on the ball this time you may not be so lucky. Properly didn’t help I got back late from a shoot the night before where I was doing some experimental photography till really quite late in preparation for a upcoming shoot hopefully I’ll be able to give you more details about that very soon but it went well.

I always people use any of my images if they are the subject of the photo. This seems only fair I don’t mind how they use it unless its for profit witch is a different kettle of fish. Anyway I as ever digress, I’ve always felt a bit funny when people re edit my photos. The problem is you never know what there going to do to it and there is always a chance they will do something that makes it look dreadful and then credit you making you look bad despite there good intension its a difficult subject to bring up with people. Luckily so far I’ve been very lucky in fact one of my images from Telford was picked up by a cosplayer and digital artist who took some of my shots and re worked them making them look amazing. I would of never thought to have edited it in that way so many interesting elements. I have to say seeing my work taken to a different level is a warm feeling you should check out her deviant art page As ever full set available on flickr enjoy…

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