366 2012

Random looking numbers for a title only there not so random. I’ve started a project to take one photo every day for a year and as this is a leap year 366. I have thought about doing this before but the reason I’m doing it now was a friend of mine started a similar project to document her life with a photo a day for a year. It was the start of the year and put simply I felt inspired I’m not even sure I’ll managed to keep it going the full year long but I’m certainly going to try.

I’m trying to push my self with this project I’ve no restrictions on what I take photos of or why my only aim is to have at the end of each day one more interesting photo. I’m hoping to improve my skills and creativity. I’ve already got several photos I wouldn’t of gotten with out doing this. One example is taking a different rout home after the day job to look for something and finding a amazing reflection in a fountain I was thinking might give me a good shot, when I got there I found it was turned off but the reflection I saw was great I’m stunned with the result especially as I only had my iPhone 4s proving again to be a useful tool a good number of the photos in this set have been taken with it its no replacement for a DSLR but very useful to have in the pocket.

Another example was I did some water droplet photos something I’ve known how to do but never bothered with as I had no reason to witch is the great thing about the project I’m always looking for the next shot and its a excuse to use lots of techniques and just playing what better way to improve ones skill I really want to get to the point where I’m just always seeing things and taking the shot to often we walk on by and let the shot pass us by. The only real down side I’ve found to this project is once I’ve gotten a shot for that day I feel reluctant to take more because I know tomorrow I’ll be again struggling to find a shot witch defeats the point of this oh well hopefully I’ll see this to the end.

Flickr set as always will be now be updated fairly regally now I’ve reached the end of the first mouth Enjoy…

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