iPhone 4s the Best Camera?

If you can’t guess from the title I’ve recently gotten my self a iPhone 4s and to my friends this seems crazy as I’ve always been very anti apple products but then this came along and did everything I was looking for. I am not disappointed either.

So why did I want one you may ask I’m assuming if your reading this you might care, I wanted a smart phone with apps to help add me with my photography like depth of filed calculators and such. then the iPhone 4s came out and the camera on it was better then some compact cameras. 8mm lens with a maxim aperture of 2.4 I was impressed and the image quality is for such a tiny sensor outstanding.

Now the next question you might ask is if your a Nikon fan boy like I am with a good DSLR system why would you need a good camera phone basically there are tons of times you want to have a good camera with you and not to have to drag your big one round with you it draws a lot of attention. a camera phone is very discreet especially as its totally silent.

this has lead me to take more photos of random things when I’m walking about I no longer have to think oh is that worth taking my big camera out for you can just snap the pic for the best photos I still would use my D300s but you know when you need to use that right! There is a phrase out there the best camera is the one with you this was made famous by Chase Jarvis I’m not saying it means laving your DSLR at home carry it round with you as much as possible but with a camera like this I’m not thinking I can’t get my camera out hear or anything like that

I’ve also found it helps me be more creative and fun with my photos I’m not confined by worrying about noise or picture quality I can just snap away and do the editing with in camera applications on the fly. I have to say its refreshing. I’ve found the best App is Instogram its a easy way to share your randomness with he world I post anything I deem interesting be it snap shots from my life or interesting photos I’ve seen and taken with it if you would like to follow me on there my user name is FoxyChan81 don’t expect anything serious tho

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