Euro Cosplay 2011 Championships

Once again I’ve been lucky enough to be in the press area to shoot Euro Cosplay the final this year was held at MCM London Expo October 2011.I was completely taken astonished by the quality of the participants this time a real improvement on 2010 at the first championship and lets just say in that year I saw some of the best cosplays I’ve had the pleasure to photograph.

There may be people new to my blog so for any new readers that may not know cosplay is the art of making costumes it comes from the words costume and play. Euro Cosplay has been running for 2 years and is already the largest cosplay compaction in the world. This year we had 23 countries each allowed up to 2 quivering commotions of there own where any one can enter before competing in the final in London to find the best cosplay in Europe.

The Judges had there work cut out picking from the 34 finalists. I’m glad I wasn’t in there shoes. having seen every entry up close and photographed them all I think they made the absolute rights decision. I was even more proud when I found out England won with what I still to this day call my favourite cosplay I’ve ever seen. Neil who made it is also the most humble person I’ve ever met couldn’t of gone to a nicer person but that aside despite so many amazing cosplays he still out shone them. I’d also like to make a quick mansion of Spain’s entry Pocco I was blown away by her simple looking cosplay due to her motorized wings in all my years on the seen I’ve not seen anything quite like them I was very impressed and as such wanted to make a not of it.

1st Place: and European Champion: Neil from England as Skeksil Chamberlin from Dark Crystal

2nd Place: Ronald from the Netherlands as Brother Petros from Trinity Blood

3rd Place: Estela from Spain as Pocco from Shunya Yamashita’s Sweet Dreams

Shooting this Masquerade was possibly the most difficult in regards to lighting conditions I’ve ever face one moment the lights were bight and good for photos the next almost black to show of things like lights in the costumes. They kept changing all the time even had moments where there was nothing but blue or red light rendering any image useless. A friend of mine rendered this images in black and white something I wish I’d thought still could but I’ll save that trick for next time. The problem with the changing light was I had to change my ISO all the time and missed a lot of moments so faced with the same conditions again I’ll use auto ISO I don’t like doing that but needs must. Luckily I shot RAW and I was using a good low light lens the Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 I hired from Lens for Hire at a very reasonable price. I do plan on buying said glass but I digress. Very tricky conditions but I think I was able to get full coverage of every entry witch is always my aim and I know the other photographers got the moments I missed. Latterly I’ve not felt nearly as commutative as I used to be I’m starting to feel in the UK convention scene the cosplay photographers should be working together more I’m sure between us we captured everything.

For the Full set of photos of every entry please follow this link Euro Cosplay 2011 and as always enjoy…

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