YorkiCon AKA Final Fantasy XIII Shoot

Not to long ago I had the privilege to take part in a Final Fantasy XIII photo shoot with all members of the cast hand picked and a team of fellow photographers. Sounds like the prefect shoot well as is often the case with cosplay shoots things went a little wrung wile I was sat on the train heading up I learn about half of our cast have had to drop out. Want to stress this point before I carry on they all had very good and completely understandable reasons. So it was a case of make the most of a less then perfect situation.

The original line up though we only had 50% of that

So we get to the shoot on location in the Yorkshire dales witch was very difficult to reach once there we spent the first night being social ready for the main Saturday shoot with the plan of making the best of it. We soon joking around changed the name to YorkiCon it seemed to fit as we was in Yorkshire. This is where we hit more problems all our researched locations were on google maps we has no mobile signal on any net work… so we improvise witch involved driving round in convoy using walky-talkies to communicate and see what we could fine so there’s a lesson in scouting locations “Do it in Person Before” so luckily we did find some good locations.

Photo taken by Lauren Hunter

We worked well as a team of cosplay models and photographers.

Over the two days shooting we encounters many problems was a real adventure the biggest problem photographically was the lighting. the light was nice very warm but incredibly harsh for the most part and with having to be mobile we couldn’t do any very big lighting set ups each of the photographers there each talked it slightly differently personally I used 2 techniques first was several bracketed HDR shots. and the second witch was really my main method was fill flash. Ordinarily in a big environment and with large groups one speed light isn’t normally enough but I’ve recently gotten hold of a Nikon SB-900 Speed light a wonderful bundle of technology. I found it easy had the power to deal with the situation at hand and it intelligently worked with my D300s I set the flash to even spread for 90% of my shooting over the two days. I found it worked better then I had hoped a must for Nikon shooters even at its not so cheap cost.

Emi cosplaying as Hope shot as a composite comprising of a fill flash photo using a SB-900 mounted on the camera set to TTL even Spread in High Speed Sync at a speed of 320. Emi is leaping from a climbing frame with in post I replaces with a panoramic shot I had taken a few moments before standing behind the object before merging it all in post production (my personal favourite shot from this shoot)

Full set of Images

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