London MCM Expo May

For any one who dues not know Expo is well best is to go to there site to find out MCM Expo after that come back hear and read the rest of my post!

This particular Expo I went to help DDR UK out on there stand witch was fantastic fun. In the past I’ve helped them out and ended up wondering off to do photo shoots because as threes often little for “me” to do during the show out side of set up and take down but I have felt guilty about that so… this time I didn’t leave the stand at all apart from during the Euro Cosplay Qualifiers with I arranged before the show I’ll come back to that.

Now DDR UK is a fantastic group of people for them during the show I was tasked with recording the event and getting promotional photos for them. This sounds straight forward right well not so much the thing with a stand at expo is there are a unbelievable amount of people all crowded round the stand doesn’t give you much opportunity for photos. I got several shots I’m happy with  just shooting for a stand like this is a lot harder then you’d think my personal favourite shot from the stand took me 44 hours to get because when I saw the angle some one stepped in front of me blocking the shot and the last thing you do on a games stand is ask people to move when they are having fun so I waited patiently keeping my eye on the spot to see if I could get the shot and eventually I did patinas pays off.

Euro cosplay is currently the largest cosplay competition in the world.. Yes that’s right Euro cosplay is bigger then world cosplay with more countries taking part the final is held at Octobers London Expo each year but before that there are 2 qualifiers each yeah in each respective country taking part. For the UK there is one at may expo witch I just shot and another in August at Ayacon witch I am also attending

it was a absolute privilege shooting this event from the press pit I saw some of a couple of the best cosplays I’ve seen so far one in particular blow me away and that was Xaerael as the Skeksil Chamberlain from Dark Crystal. who incidentally won the qualifier. For a wile now I’ve been trying to work out what makes a great cosplay and I’ve worked it out for me its the ones that jump out at you when your shooting they just inhabit the frame you can have 2 cosplayers on the same cat walk with the same lighting and both are great but one will just jump out at you and look that much more amazing on the back of your camera’s LCD. I’ve also noticed its the very same ones that jump out at me this way often win something not always first place but something so for all the rumours I’ve hard about judges I don’t believe them for a second time and time again they prove to pick the very best or what I believe is the best. There was one other cosplay I wanted to make not of and that was Emma as Chise from She, The Ultimate Weapon. Almost as good as the winner she won best expert costume and I thought her cosplay was outstanding but I have to say on a personal note I got a little emotional seeing that particular character brought to life I always loved that anime it made me cry when I first saw it.

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