And what has Foxy been up to?

I’ve not really posted anything in ages. This is because I’ve been really busy out shooting. so the question is what have been working on exactly. well in the last few weeks I’ve been to a number of events the first one was a shoot at freshfields. this shoot was a proper adventure but resulted in some great shots.

The shoot was meant to comprise of several cosplayes and several photographers in the end I was the only photographer we had 3 cosplayers and one girl dressed is mori fashion a Japanese style. on the shoot we got lost, trains cancelled and I even ended up being stranded in Liverpool over night luckily friend came to my rescue.

Full edited set

Freshfilds II

After that I had Minamicon 17 a anime convention in Southampton currently the oldest running anime convention

This set represents the start of my back log I’ve currently got thought about 50% of my photos from the 3 day event. As always there was a abundance of great cosplays though a challenging place to find good locations for photos on the right you see a HDR edit of one of the cosplays from the convention the cosplay is The Motoslave from BGC 2040

At the date this post is made the set on my flicker I’m going to link to is incomplete but the rest will be going up soon.

Minamicon 17

A week after Minamicon there was memorabilia currently unedited got some shots I’m really looking to work on watch this space for the full set.

Then last weekend it was Kitacon III a anime convention held in Birmingham this was a amazing event and took 81GB worth of images so with my backlog of the last 2 events its going to take time to get these out. I did quickly work up all the masquerade photos from Kitacon because this is what most people are eager to see. Luckily the lighting was perfect witch meant very little was needed to be edited I shot all of it in aperture priority mode at f/1.8 with a 35mm prime lens. all my editing was dun via camera raw in batches all I did to them was white balance correction and some artistic cropping.

Kitacon III Masquerade

I have every intension of doing more write ups for these events as I finish editing sets for now this is just more to tell you all what I’ve been up to and let you know I’m still hear!

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