5 Random things about me!

I got this idea of a friends blog and have been putting it off for ages because I really didn’t know what to put and what not till I realised it doesn’t really mater as its a little big of fun, I take things to seriously some times so hear goes 5 random things about me you might or might not know, in no particular order;

1. I failed my photography module at uni

I bet your surprised by that maybe even more surprised that I posted it. The reason I failed was very embarrassing I forgot to hand in my work for that module I properly would of passed but I’ll never know. At the time I was more concerned with passing my other modules in my main course with was a BAH in fine art painting. I passed that by the way. Back then I was more interested in painting and drawing photography was something I did on the side as a hobby. I’ve always loved photography even as a very small child so I studied it at collage and uni and encouraged it in my work at the time but over time I lost my love of fine art university took the joy out of it for me but since then I’ve discovered a new passion for photography more so then I ever did for fine art. I do fine it funny how times change but the remaining constant is my love of art in one for or another.

2. I watch almost no TV at all

It would be unfair to say I watch absolutely no TV because on the odd occasion I will put it on but its only ever to pass a little time wile I’m doing something else like cooking a meal and when I do its always something to do with science I can turn off. I might watch at most 3 or 4 hours in a full weak. I just don’t like TV the advertising gets on my never I don’t like having to watch things when I’m told to I spend most of my time milady addicted to my computer on the internet and the majority of programming and films I watch are DVDs

3. I’m also a cosplayer

This is properly one of the least surprising things in this list of 5. I don’t plan to talk about it much on my blog as this is about my exploits behind the camera rather then in front of the lens. The reason I work so much with cosplays in my photography is simply that I love cosplay my self and have had so much experience with other cosplayers I find it a fantastic subject. Why do I cosplay well that’s simple I love the characters and I love the costumes its my way of expressing. I do have to say as well making the costumes is a lot of fun. I’ve entered several competition to, never actual won anything. I started cosplaying in 2004 and have been making costumes ever since and also started working behind the scenes at anime events in the UK in 2006 from there I’ve slowly worked my way up till where I am now witch is Head of Cosplay at Tokonatsu a leading UK anime festival. I love cosplay and I’ll keep doing it for years to come I’m sure though my big passion is photography still I’ll say one last thing about this being in front of the lens is a lot of fun to.

4. I want to be the very best!

Like no one ever was… sorry couldn’t resist quoting that song for this one not that I even like pokemon that much but still. I’ve tried to talk about this before on my blog and people have not understood what I meant and its got me in trouble so I’m going to try again. I am very competitive I want the be the very best I can be. I really want to improve my self and to do this I seek out people I see as better then my self and compete against them as a way improve my self. I do this in all areas of my life not just photography I’m not so much trying to beat them in fact I want them to be the best they can be there is nothing better then having rivals to me that term is a complement it shows you respect some one and want to be better. I also go out my way to help my rivals as there’s no point if there not top of there game and I’ll help them in anyway possible its all friendly. I don’t know if I have managed to get how I feel across freely this time with out sounding big headed or something like that but its a major driving force in my life and as such worth telling you about as its part of what makes me… me!

5. If there’s a easy way!

As the old saying goes if there is a easy way and a hard way, I’ll always take the hard way. I’m not even sure why but I always end up doing things in a much more involved way. For ages I didn’t know what to put for my number 5 random thing about me was going to put something silly then this hit we when talking to a friend when I was telling her how I did something. She said and I quote “that’s you all over you never do things the easy way” I don’t really given it all that much thought before. Also another of my friends said the same thing about something unrelated.

I think I do this because I’m a bit of a perfectionist I refuse to cut corners. I do like to be as officiate as I can but in the end I always go for the methods that give me maximum control. I’ll give a couple of examples. When I was doing my degree in fine art painting I used to do these large scale canvases and you would expect me to se big brushes no not me I was often found using size 1 or smaller brushes to the majority of my work as it gave me a greater degree of control. Size 1 and smaller for the record are kind of tiny. The next example I’ll give is to do with Cosplay not something I normally talk about on hear but as I’ve already mentioned it in this post why not. I sew everything by hand I’ve never used a sewing machine in any of my cosplays I’ve personally made. This properly sounds crazy and well yeah it is but I love the feeling of  accomplishment by doing everything my self I get a greater feeling of achievement out of it not saying its better its just how I am.

The last example of this I’ll give is directly related to my photography. The post possessing to be precise I edited almost every photo I display to some degree, now this isn’t the hard way I’m talking about this comes down to the methods I use when editing I have noticed the techniques I’ve been using latterly are fairly advanced I don’t necessarily need to do it this way but I do because I find the more crazy methods are more controllable and precise. Looking at my self I can’t come to any other conclusion then I’m a big of a perfectionist and love precision in my work.

Well I hope this gives you a like more of a incite into the inner workings behind Fox’s Eye As always feel free to add any comments and questions you might have.

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  1. Alexander says:

    Hey just wanted to say I love the blog. Great insider info on your photography thoughts. I have done some filming for skateboarders both prof. and recreational, also do some amateur photography when I get the time. Yeah, great site though, I look forward to reading through more travel/roadtrip galleries.

    thats about it, thanks!

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