Midlands MCM Expo Telford February 2011

Its been just under a week since Midlands Expo so its about time I did a write up of the event. I haven’t posted in some time this is mostly as I’ve been taking a little brake wile I waiting for my main camera to be repaired. My Nikon D300s developed a few problems so I sent her off to be fixed. Seemed like a age waiting for her to come back so I’ve not been doing many shoots as my back up camera is a Nikon D40 a great DSLR but not adequate for my needs. Unfortunately my D300s didn’t come back till 2 days ago so I was forced to go to Expo with my old back up camera as you might guess this was difficult but despite the technical short comings I covered the event adequately.

I didn’t spend as long as I normally would hunting for cosplayers to shoot I really just concentrated on the masquerade. I’d say the lighting was bad and using a D40 I find you can’t really go above ISO 400 with out introducing a lot of noise in the end I found my self shooting in manual mode at ISO 800 /f4.5 at between 50th and 40th of a second relying on the vibration reduction on my lenses. As you can imagine my photos when I got them back were very noisy and there’s no way at that point good enough to share this is where post posses comes into it. I actually do post posses on everything I display well nearly so that’s why it takes me longer to get my shots up but I won’t compromise of quality for speed. I do still get them up as fast as I can but post posses takes a lot of time and work this set took me 3 days of solid editing but that’s because of how noisy they were took me a lot longer. I removed the noise Using Camera Raw 6.0 in Adobe Photoshop CS5 this left my images how shale I say it clean but very soft. Fixing one problem created another this one I fixed with using a more extreme sharpening technique then I’d normally like to use I used Dave Cross’s High Pass sharpening technique with you can look up on Photoshop User TV so much work for this set. I did a few other things in post but I really didn’t change anything especially for the masquerade as that’s a record of a event.

Midlands MCM Expo Telford February 2011 Gallery

Hope you liked my little sneak peck into some of the work I put in after a shoot to get my images ready for you all. As always please feel free to leave any comments and questions about anything I’ve bloged about it helps me get a better idea of what you guys want to read about

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