Kuroshitsuji Snow Shoot

Just before Christmas I took advantage of the snow we had to do a impromptu cosplay photo shoot. I arranged this literally the night before with some friends who have model for me before. I agreed to shot there Kuroshitsuji cosplays this is actually the second shoot I’ve dun for this group, the first shoot was mouths ago in Wolverhampton and we had 3 members in attendance unfortunately this time round we was only able to get 2 of the models but was still a good shoot. if you are interested in the first shoot hear is a link to the set!

This particular shoot has taken me possibly the longest to fully process due to a series of unfortunate events immediately following the shoot I came down with swine flu and as soon as I cleared that my pc broke and hand to re build her. Was starting to wonder if this shoot was cursed.

Well first off shooting in snow provided a number of unique problems. the biggest one is the abundance of white and light tricks your camera into under exposing leaving your show looking grey so you have to over expose just a little bit with compensation. ┬áNext is protecting your gear to the elements you have to slowly let your gear adjust to the temperature if you don’t and take it from hot to cold same is true in revise it will fog up and you’ll have a long wait to use it. you also have to take care not to let you gear get to wet even with a sealed camera like the Nikon D300s its not a good idea to leave it out in a snow storm to long water will eventually make its way in. I have been having problems with my camera since that shoot not sure I protected it adequately the function buttons keep sticking so going to need to send that in to be looked at. I can’t remember who said it but I remember some photographer said if all your gear is working then your not working hard enough.

Enough about the camera for now the cold and the snow also play havoc with your models you don’t want your talent out in the snow to long or they will get to cold and possibly get ill so you have to work fast. I have also noticed they is a tendency in this situation for the skin to go a unappealing red that shows even thought foundation so as petty as snow is its unadvisable to work in it for long periods. My advise is to any one planning to work with snow if your talent is going to be warring anything there are going to be to cold in then plan out your shots before hand so you can avoid unnecessary delays.

As always post your comments and questions and let me know what you’d like to see on this blog.

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