Merry Christmas

I had intended to post ore often starting from my last post. To petty much every ones surprise the instant I make a decision like that something comes up I’m sure there’s a law dedicated this principle “sods law” What happened I hear you asking well I had the flu don’t think I can rambler being that ill since I was a small child.

Now its Christmas so I’d like to take this moment to wish all my many many readers all 7 of you a festive time. I’m possibly being to hard on my self maybe there are more of you out there who read my blog maybe there isn’t but to all of you a very merry Christmas

This photo was one I randomly saw on the way hope from a drunken night out a few days before I became ill took this under street lights hand held I did not draw the hart I do not know who’s car this is but the imagery looked sweet and fitting as something to use as a Christmas wish I might of found something better if I hadn’t been so it but all the more reason to try harder in 2011. The new year is now fast approaching I’ll take this opportunity to tell you my first resolution . . .  to try and turn this blog into a weekly blog rather then when I find time all depending on shoots of course

One last thing I’d like to mansion and ask about for my more eagle eyed viewer /s  you may have noticed a new header and a new logo the designed has not changed but I’d had a friend re draw it in a more please style for me and I’d love to hear your opinions on the new look?

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