Kigurumi Shoot

As photographers we will always get asked to shoot a wide Varity of things and every now and then you get the opportunity to do something a little different. I was very fortunate recently to shoot for a group called EUROKIG

The group are one of the largest groups of Kigurumi in Europe. I’m not expert on exactly what it is to be a kigurumi but I really admire the style they have. My understanding of what  they are is a masked costume in witch you can totally become the character your portraying. To me it seems very much like cosplay but I’m hesitant to use that word in case I offend the Kigurumi I was working for.

I feel very lucky to have gotten this rare opportunity. I have to say the anime style present in this examples of kigurumi really excited me. I loved the bright colours the simple lines and that they felt like anime characters in real life.

There were a couple issues shooting this rather then say a normal portrait. I found the exposure valises where a little different then I would of expected the makes reflect a lot of light to found my self under exposing by round half a stop. My biggest challenge came from trying to direct the talent also they all came prepared with a multitude of fantastic poses non of the kigurumi would speak in there mask all part of the illusion. I found communication difficult and took me a little time to get used to as I like to have a working dialog with my subject during a shoot but they seemed happy and since the shoot I’ve been assured they all had a great time witch I thing shows in the photos they seem to have a lot of energy in them (well I think they do let you make your own mind up) There ere also so pleasant advantages of shooting kigurumi they never have a bad expression or blink. Granted you have to watch reflections ore closely on there faces but its something to work with. The other big advantage came in post possess there faces being in fact masks with perfectly smooth even skin no post processing needed to be dun essentially they came pre possessed witch was nice not that I do much to a face I like to do as little as possible.

Kigurumi Reflections

It was a absolute pleasure to shoot this I hope I’ll get a opportunity like this again to work with more kigurumi I really enjoyed this shoot.

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5 Responses to Kigurumi Shoot

  1. Kiwi says:

    Thank you for the photoshooting 🙂

  2. Leigh says:

    Thanks for doing the eurokig shoot for us, the pics turned out really well ^^ it was a pleasure working with you, and we’ld love to have you help out again sometime soon ^^

  3. Kigurumi Kalina says:

    Thank you for shooting us, the pics were brilliant ^^ This was my first shoot as well, so I really do hope I did okay for a first time. It’d be great to work with you again

    • Foxy says:

      You guys were amazing to work with amazing to work with apart from the added challenge of kigurumi’s not talking but that as half the fun of this shoot and it would be my pleasure to you again any time I’m free to

  4. fyastarter says:

    Hope you guys made this worthwhile for this broke artist photographer, this is pro work!

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