Euro Cosplay 2010

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Euro cosplay was a amazing event that took place a few weeks ago to witch I was very lucky to be in the press area to shoot. Euro cosplay is Europe’s answer to World Cosplay. This event is open to any one in Europe take part in absolutely any one witch makes it very special. Each country involved chose there 2 best cosplays from masquerades held in there own country’s to then go on to compete in the grand finally held in London’s MVM’s Expo this October.

Euro cosplay list

Italy Rachele Asta from Trinity Blood
Belgium Starla Queen Esther from Trinity Blood
Ireland Liam Domo-Kun
Spain Eva Dark Saber, from the video game Hallow Ataraxia Fate Stay Night.
Portugal Leandro Cain Kightroad from Trinity Blood 1st Place
Denmark Stine Kusuri Uri from the series Ayakashi/Mononoke
Poland Kairi Ashura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 2nd Place
Spain Black Cat Spawn
Belgium Vanessa Enira, Raid boss from Lineage II
Poland Shappi Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile
Switzerland Nolanne Dark Elf female from Rohan Online
Hungary Jobbagy Queen Esther from Trinity Blood
Sweden Emelie Holy Angemon from Digimon
France Nathalie The Mirror Queen from the Sims and Brothers grimm
Italy Layla Princess White Rose (Shirobara) from Saga Frontier
France Matthoz Commisar Yarrik from Dawn of War
UK SephNoir Metamorphosis Nina from Breath of Fire 2.
Netherlands Bianca Jubei, BlazBlue
Germany Stephanie Queen Esther from Trinity Blood
Denmark Anna Hatsune Miku” from Vocaloid2.
Czech Rep Skaylet Excalibur from anime Soul Eater
Hungary Yuriko KOS-MOS from Xenosaga 1
Finland Maiju Balthier from FFXII
Netherlands Wien world of warcraft Tier 2 paladin costume: Judgement Armor
Austria Pillowmonk Haydeé Tebelin (artwork version) from Gankutsuou
UK Karen Rigaldo, from Claymore 3rd Place
Ireland Ruth Armoured Lizard from YuGiOh
Sweden Linn Yuuko Ichihara from xxxHolic
Slovakia Tomas Leonidas from 300
Portugal Marta Eve from GuildWars
Please be aware the list is not in order of appearance on the day!


Photographing a masquerade is always difficult due to the speed of the event, having only one chance to get it right constantly changed lighting and a whole list of other problems. I think I was able to get such good results this time thanks to hiring out Nikon’s 24-70 2.8 lens. I’m defiantly considering buying one the 2.8 is well worth the extra money.

I also did all the post possessing my self taking me over a week to do with is why this post is so over due I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. With Auchinawa Scotland’s biggest anime convention only a week away expect more masquerade photos soon.

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  1. I have been waiting to hear about this, my boyfriend told me about it last week. I really wish i could devide myself in 9 different places at at will.

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