Auchinawa Masquerade 2010

Some events are more difficult to shoot then others and I can safely say that Auchinawa this year was defiantly a challenge. When you enter any photographic situation there are always a number of strategy’s you can use I think I may have made a mistake with the one I chose for the masquerade this time. I’m not saying I got bad results but I think I could of gotten better. I was presented with a badly lit stage and not enough light. I made the decision to shoot available like with worked for me great at euro cosplay but at that point i had faster glass with me. I think what I should of dune was use flash as this was allowed where’s normally not at least not from the press area. The reason I chose available light was I like to capture the ambient lighting affects and get more shots with out waiting on the flash to cycle but as there wasn’t any stage lighting kind of a poor choose but you learn and move on.

Auchi2010 overall winner

My personal favourite performance

Full line up of all the winning entries

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  1. Jenn says:

    Hi Foxy,
    Just wanted to say how great the photos are, you’re a great photographer!!!! And I’m very pleased you liked my performance, I was the rinoa playing the harp at Auchinawa 2010. 😀 Yours are some of the best photos I’ve seen taken when playing!!! The vibrations of the strings make it so much harder for the camera to capture a decent image. Thanks!!! 🙂

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