Ringo and the Police

A few weeks ago did a shoot in Horsham got some amazing photos. Well I think I did, anyway on the first night before the others from the shoot showed up and it was just me and Charlotte one of my regular cosplay models went out for a mini shoot with her dressed as Ringo from Air Gear. To try and get the same feel as the anime we chose the location of a over pass at night on a quirt stretch of road so we could do interesting things with flash with out distracting traffic or getting in anyone’s way. You may say that sounds all fine and mostly it was until the police showed up…

Were shooting away and I am looking over the over pass making sure I only fire the flash when cars have passed under when I spy a police car. They have stopped I consider stopping and moving on but I know I was not doing anything wrung so carried on we then see them leave there vehicle and move to towards up coming up both sides of the overpass to block us in this unnerved Charlotte I feel so I try and put her at ease and politely wait for the police to come up to us. I politely great them and they ask us some questions and I have to say these police in question were very nice.

I feel that the problems most photographers have and why they get so much hassle from the police is down to the photographers attitude. I’m not saying the police always get it wrung but they are just for 99% of them trying to do there job and don’t fully understand us photographers and our rights witch is a issue in it self but I digress just a little. I personally thing if photographers didn’t give such attitude towards the police when they are approached so many problems could be averted. I didn’t have to tell them anything or show them my photos but the very first thing I did was to tell them my name and offer to show them my images before I was asked to. A little common since and cooperation then there would be a lot less horror stories in my option I just hope I never have to write a post contradicting this one. After we explained our self’s they asked for ID and did a quick trace on our names witch of cores was clean they apologised for disturbing us and left us to carry on took no more then 5 or 10 minuets of our time no fuss or hassle.

We was a little shaken up by being stopped but honestly who wouldn’t so we properly cute the short shoot shorter because of it. The moral of the story the right attitude can get you out of all sorts of problems and hay one day we might find our self in a situation where we are accidentally in the wrung the same attitude could be what gets us safely out of it.

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