Tales of Symphonia Shoot at Keele

My posts do seem to be getting a little back dated now. I am however slowly catching up as long as I don’t get any jobs in the next week or so but I would still welcome them.

This goes back to Amecon during the convention I did a quick shoot for two Tales of Symphonia cosplays in the university chapel at Keele. With Emi-Zone cosplaying Emil Castagnier and NavigatorxNami cosplaying Marta Lualdi. I do have to say cosplayers have some strange names they use but who am I to say anything I go by the name of Foxy still.

We didn’t know if was allowed to use the side of the building for photos and was unable to find any one to ask so we desisted in this case to try it and hope for the best once inside we were as respectful as we could be. We felt it best to be quirt as we could so I set my D300s in quirt mode the first I’ve really tried it and it takes so much noise off the shutter. In quirt mode I did find the camera was more prone to camera shake. I have to say I got half way thought and switched back to single shot to guarantee sharpness but if a situation like a wedding or say a classical concert this mode is going to be a life saver so as always thank you Nikon.

I found this shoot to be a little bit more serous then normal but still just as much fun.

After the convention was over on the monday and I was helping the staff with take down  my friend Colin Barker arranged a shoot with Emi-Zone and her Emil Cosplay in the grounds of Keele Hall

The Hall and its gardens are very beautiful location to shoot at so when I was asked if I would like to come as well I jumped at the chance along with another photographer find of mine Phil Chan. at first I kept my distance taking the opportunity to shoot the gardens but I soon found Colin’s shoot had become a free for all with all 3 of us Shooting Emi who was loving ever minuet of the attention. Shots like this one are always so much fun.

Emi is always a fantastic model to work with she always looks good in fount of the camera and she has the patients of a angel due to a few problems the shoot was delayed several hours and she was happy enough to wait with out complaint and then gave everything in front of the camera a real pleaser to work with

Shoots like this are always fun one very funny moment came just after the bellow image was taken when Colin who is some what clumsy wasn’t paying enough attention and nearly fell off the edge of 50 foot drop next to the man made waterfall luckily I was there to catch him was very funny but could of been very not funny. so always be aware of your surroundings

There was a few moments like that during the shoot all together a good day tho I didn’t get back till 11pm and had to get up at 4 for the day job happy times for the full set click hear.

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  1. Brandon says:

    The cosplay for Emil is so cool! I love their facial expression, thanks for posting this! 🙂

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