Freshfields Shoot

About a fortnight ago I did a shoot at Freshfields near liver pool. The location is fantastic for shooting in. I barely even scratched the surface of what the location had to offer us. Essentially Freshfields is a national trust pack comprising of a large forest backing onto a beach with rolling sand dunes. We arranged the shoot because a friend of mine who was already planning on going up there had been telling me of this location for some time and I really wanted to check it out. As I happened to have time off from my day job that week we decided to assemble a random group of cosplayers and photographers for a day out.

We had several photographers and cosplays turn up all on petty short notice. For the photographers we had Emi-Zone, Phil Chan as well as my self and cosplaying we had Holly, Richard, Kathy, Lauzy-Jayne and Emi who also cosplayed. Forgive me if I’ve missed any one out, this was my first time meeting the majority of this group. I have to say this was properly the least serous shoot I’ve ever been on I think this was because we had no set theme all out cosplayers were doing characters from different sires honestly this was more just a fun day out.

I think we spent more time larking about then actually shooting seemed every time I had a nice serous shot line up one of the other’s would try and photo bomb the shot. Ordinarily I would hate this its funny once or twice but not all day except in this instance because the day was just so much fun as we didn’t really have any set plan and no pressure to get shoots and I can tell you that’s a refreshing change.

Now don’t get me wrung we did get some amazing shots I’ve got a fully gallery set out of this shoot. got some nice results out of this one.

On this particular shoot I hit some challenges some of witch I’ve never face before. There was the normal problems of shooting in a new location of not knowing the area normally I would of been to the location and found all the good spots before hand but this shoot was both location hunting and shoot at the same day but like I said earlier this was a fun shoot. There was also the normal problems of shooting out doors with forest and all the mud and plans to deal with. The first big problem we had was it was raining quite hard when we first started in the past I would have had to stop my old camera would not of been able to cope. Having recently upgraded to my Nikon D300s with its water and dust seals it can take light rain and wind. I have to say at first I was very nervous about testing out Nikons climbs as to what it can take but it soon gained my confidence. So much so when I encounter a huge problem latter that day when we reached the beach. I was hit by very strong winds picking up the sand. Thanks to Nikons dust seals on their high end equipment it gave me the confidante to keep shooting. and once home I did full maintenance on my body and lens to fine it was fine.

Defiantly a location I’d like to use again! Just like to thank all the cosplayers and the other photographers for making it such a great day and enabling me to get so many good shots!

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