Amecon 2010

Well its been a good few weeks since Amecon, so this post may seem a little late but my editing is finally done, now I’ve finished that, I can make my post. It’s very difficult to do that level work when I have a full time day job to pay the bills.For those of you who don’t know what Amecon is this post might seem a little strange without an explanation.

Amecon is an anime and Japanese culture festival that takes place every two years celebrating all aspects of the anime fandom. This year it was held at Keele University from the 13th to the 15th of August, with 1200 hundred people in attendance it is the largest convention of its kind in the UK.

So what was I doing there!? Well I’d have been there anyway as I love the convention, this was my 4th time, but the more relevant point is what was I doing there as a photographer? Quite simply I was covering all the cosplay events as a member of the press reporting for my very own website right here!

The biggest event I had to cover was the masquerade, which I have already posted about in my last entry. Throughout the event I wandered around taking photos of all the different cosplayers and I have to say there is some real talent out there it was an absolute pleasure. When randomly taking photos at events there is always the issue of copyright, without going into the fine details and seeking out model release forms from ever random shot I have a simple policy. Any cosplayer who models in front of my camera can have a high resolution copy of any of the images free of water marks to do with as they please in exchange for allowing me to publish the images for my own self promotion. Not all cosplay photographers do this but as no one is making any money either side then the cosplayers deserve their shots, it’s petty much the same as a standard time for prints agreement. I think I took some great photos of the random cosplays, but I would say that!

As well as the events and random cosplays I had pre-arranged several shoots with cosplay groups before hand and here are the gallerys for the shoots. Like my Evangelion shoot,

The rest of my shots can be found on my gallery page!

There was one very special shoot I wasn’t able to arrange beforehand. I was very lucky to gain access to Keele Hall for a hour along with several other photographers on the Sunday. The Hall is a large Victorian mansion now used for functions and weddings, absolutely beautiful back drops in every room.

 So with this in mind I asked some of my friends who are part of a Pandora Hearts Cosplay group to join me for the shoot, unfortunately one of the 3 who was originally joining us couldn’t make it due to family commitments. I had Charlotte Mattey as the “Will of the Abyss” a regular cosplay model for me and Emi-zone as Oz Vessalius who is a great photographer in her own right.

Amecon was so much fun I love big conventions and to spend time shooting so many amazing cosplayers I feel very privileged and to all the people I worked with over the weekend I’d like to say thank you!

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  1. William Howley says:

    Hi, Yeah, I was just wondering if you could tell me the name of the girl dressed as Mew, I seem to have fallen in love with her and will not rest until I can speak to her, I understand that you cannot give out information willy nilly……but c’mon…..its for love.

  2. Jeslyn says:

    It’s much easier to unedratsnd when you put it that way!

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