Amecon 2010 Masquerade

Amecon 2010 Masquerade

It’s a week after Amecon and I’ve barely managed to scratch the surface of my editing. I was very lucky to have so many opportunities to shoot amazing cosplays during such a short period, the event was amazing and a lot of fun.

In this post I’ll just be talking about the Amecon Masquerade; for the other events and shoots I’ll be making additional posts and talking about them over the coming days.

Cosplay Kite from .Hack                                              Cosplayed by Vincent Noble Valentine

When out shooting sometimes things go wrong and this event was one problem after the next, I count myself very lucky to have got any good shots at all considering.

On my way to the event I had the misfortune of someone bumping into me and my camera only being loosely wrapped around my wrist to protect in case I dropped it, it wasn’t much help against someone else sending it flying several feet forward to concrete.

My flash gun was smashed and my auto focus broken until I managed to fix it the next day; not something you want going into the most important shoot of a event. Now you might say ‘what about your spares?’, well silly me had lend my spare body to a second shooter taking photos of a different part of the event and my spare flash gun was in the shop being repaired, it’s quite funny looking back now however at the time; so stressed…

So to make the most of a bad situation I dusted myself off and took my place in the press pit. To work in the low light with the lenses I had, I had to set my ISO to 2000 (yes that’s right 2000) thanks to the D300’s noise reduction and CS5’s noise reduction in camera RAW I was able to fix a lot of my images.

To try and get over the auto focus problem I first tried to work it manually but that was too slow at the fast pace of the event, so I went back to the auto focus finding it was still working, the display just wasn’t showing me the focus points. All I could do is spray and pray to get the shots. I do have to make a apology; there were people in the masquerade I was unable to get a clear shot of.

I count my self lucky to have got such a good set out of a bad situation I think the lesson to learn is; always have your back up equipment on you and never give up. Even when everything goes wrong you can still get the shot if you’re lucky.

Some sample photos from the set full set

Amecon 2010 Masquerade

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