People are always talking about Photoshop and as its a large part of my work flow I think I should address the subject. There are some who think using the program is cheating and editing your photos after defeats the point. Thankfully there are not many shooters in this day and age who are such purists. You do not always get the perfect exposure or your lighting was wrung. You can have so many different little problems when out shooting to get them all perfect in the camera is just not possible. I find Photoshop to be a amazing tool when used correctly and in a competitive world if you don’t make sure your images are the best they can be with editing you simply won’t make the cut that’s the hard truth.

So you might say what about the images you find in magazines of models with perfect skin and tiny waists that properly don’t exist in reality. What I say to that is the photographer got paid to produce a flawless apparitional image if you don’t want to go that far then don’t. Personally I think there has to be a line, so unless I’m requested by a client to parasitically go to theses levels I’ll only do a few minor things. I’m will happily clean up a models skin its no different then wearing make up we want to capture a model on her very best day even if its not her very best day. Brightening the eyes fixing skin tone or even adding highlights to the eyes if you didn’t manage to get the catch light when shooting. The line as I mentioned earlier I won’t cross unless I’m asked to is changing body shape making some one finer or enlarging parts of the body I think you get the idea. I won’t do any of that the most I’ll do is if I have a great shot of a model but her pose is making a area of there body look bad like a sitting pose forcing there belly out I might bring it back in a little not changing there shape just making them look there best but that’s the assault most I’ll do¬† unless I have to. I think using Photoshop is no different then a model putting on make up.

Photoshop is a amazing tool thought there are so many things you can do with it for example you are assigned to take a group shot so you shoot them for along as they will let you, groups are tricky to keep entertained for a long period of time. You don’t get a good shot of every one but you have 2 or 3 shots were each person is looking fantastic well you can use Photoshop to blend then into one image saving your job this time round. Another example of a good time to use the program you are assigned to take landscape images and you want to get the whole scene in one photo won’t do it even if you have a 14mm lenses or a fish eye so you take a panoramic images consisting of dozens of photos then you stitch them all together seamlessly in Photoshop. my last example I’ll make is one I don’t do very often I have to say but its another landscape and you have great details in both the highlights and the shadows you can only expose for one right, well that’s not true any more because you can take multiple exospores and them blend them into on image using HDR (high dynamic range) and use Photoshop to make a single image in the competitive world we live in post possess has become as important if not more important then the act of shooting it self we have come a long way since the days of film.

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