Aisling The Secret of Kells Shoot

Aisling Shoot

I was requested to do a cosplay shoot of Aisling, from The Secret of Kells, the shoot was done on location in the New Forest. If you have been reading my blog over the last few weeks you will be aware that I have spent a lot of time down south in the New Forest. I was down there looking for locations for this very shoot and I think I found some great places for this project. Originally I was going to be working with two cosplayers but there were problems so, in the end, it was just me my model, who was also my client for this job, Street-Angel, a very talented cosplayer. If you ever need any costumes made I would highly recommend her. On the shoot, we were joined by a good friend of mine, Colin Barker, who was acting as my assistant. I really want to thank him for his work on the day as I could not have done this shoot without his help, he was invaluable.

We were very lucky with the light and the weather on the day, when we first arrived on site in the New Forest it was very grey and looked stormy. Once we got down into the valley and amongst the trees the sun came out and we ended up with wonderfully diffused light coming in through the canopy. Originally I had planned to do a lot of flash work with light stands and reflectors running off wireless triggers. But the light was so amazing the flash equipment never came out, I feel sorry for my assistant who was carrying all of the flash gear, sorry Colin.

Shooting this shot was fairly simple as I had gorgeous diffused light through the forest canopy seeping in.  On location, there wasn’t much to it but once I got it home I processed it normally and got a great image but wasn’t happy so I went a bit deeper with this one than normal. I enhanced the colours and the contrast using Colour Efex Pro 3.0 and then to finish it off reopened it in camera raw from the jpeg to add a diffused vignette technique.

These shoots can look like a lot of fun but I can assure you they are all incredibly serious business as you can tell from the below images of us hard at work on-site!

I find working with cosplayers to be the most rewarding work I currently do, they’re always so much fun and often they already have posses all worked out so they don’t require too much direction. We did a second shoot that day as we had great light and an amazing location, I’m still editing those but I’ll be sure to post them on here once I’m finished. The full set of images are available on my Flickr account here if you don’t want to go over to Flickr you can see some of the images below.

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  2. Renaté says:

    Tu est très jolie! J’aime beaucoup le secret du Kells 🙂

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