Scot Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in Richmond England

Scot Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in Richmond England

I recently took part in the 3rd annual Scot Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk on Saturday 24 July. I have never dun anything like it before and was a lot of fun the best part was being with so many other photographers. My walk was in Richmond by the Thames in London that’s in the United Kingdom.

I have to say I did feel intimidated by some of the others threes with there gear but I make do with the best I have and I don’t feel I was outclassed the important thing was I got to talk to other people with the same passion as me. was a good challenge to been so long since I shot a assignment like this in fact last time I had a assignment of go get photos from a set location (not including location hunting) was at university on my photography model as part of my degree in fine art painting. I loved every minuet of it but I have to say I learned one thing I’m much happier shooting portrait work  but I do like land and cityscape photography. I just realised I don’t really have a passion for it and I don’t really like street photography if I’m shooting some one I think I would rather work with a model. Still every one was so nice and I love how we all spent the day in the same place yet shot completely different things and all in different styles I plan to do this again next year!

I’ll leave you with a slide show of my best photos from the walk

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