And So It Begins

Welcome To Foxy’s World

Staring at this blank screen trying to make my first post of this photographic journal reminds me of my days at art school when I had a blank canvas. Standing there so many questions rush thought your mind like will the canvas spontaneously combust when I make the first mark or will roman centurions rush over to do me a mischief who can say. As a photographer we have a whole different set of questions before us just as scary and hard to answer. Only a lot more existing like What location to shoot? What gear to bring? or even the scary question ever shooter faces at one point in there career do I eat this mouth or buy the new lense?

I should properly tell you a little bit about my self. I’m Russell Fenton a 28 year old free lance photographer. I am better know by the name of Foxy witch I acquired after many years on the net. Often one of the hardest things I find is describing my self. I am a very energetic joyful person with a very odd sense of hummer. I think I’m also quite relaxed and approachable person even though I am sometimes be found running round doing something silly, more often then not with a camera on a quest to find a shot. I hope you’ll get to know me thought my posts and photos. I have a varied variety of interests but I would have to say apart from photography my biggest passion would have to be anime.

I plan to update this blog round my shoots to show case my work so the more shoots the more posts…

I find most  photographers specializing in one type of photos like landscape, portraiture, fashion, sport ect. personally I want to avoid this and shoot everything but I know that’s not possible so far all of my work has fallen into portrait and fashion. I have dun the most work with cosplay models witch considering my love of anime and the fact I cosplay my self are not surprising.

Hear are some random images of my work not necessarily my best just something for you to get a feel of my style with

The full image I used for my banner

A few portraits I’ve taken from different shoots

This is possibly of of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken and was from a fashion shoot

So what now hope I’ve wet your appetite with these images and there will be more very soon!

My work can be found on flickr and at DeviantART

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